Transform A Carpeted Floor into a Power Source with Thread

A recent survey of office workers reported that 73% of people used three or more devices throughout their day to get work done. Similarly, 73% of students now report that they cannot study without the help of technology.

People need technology.
Technology needs power.

We need more power, but we don’t have great options. Core drilling and trenching are expensive, and invasive. Raised-floor isn’t applicable to all spaces, especially traditional classrooms. This is where ThreadTM can make a difference. Thread is an ultra-thin power distribution system designed to provide power. Wherever. Whenever. The animation below shows how Thread simplifies power distribution, providing power to the devices we use and the places we work.

Transform any carpeted floor into a power source.

We know you want a way to make power more accessible, but you want it to meet 3 criteria. You want a solution that provides power quickly, simply and cost effectively. Thread is that solution. Here are some of the benefits of Thread.


Empower Connections.

Power isn’t about electricity, it’s about connections. Thread connects people:

  •  to their devices
  •  to their information
  •  to other people


Optimize Real Estate.

Thread optimizes real estate:

  • Turns ‘dead’ space into active space
  • Flexibility that anticipates change


Simple Solution. 

Thread is simple:
  • Installation is quick (as shown in the installation animation above)
  • It is easy to reconfigure
  • Minimal impact to architecture
  • Less disruptive to work: no loud coring, no construction debris in the air
  • More affordable than core drilling / trenching
  • An ADA compliant solution
  • Great solution to retrofit spaces not designed with power solutions

McCoy-Rockford is the exclusive provider of Steelcase's Thread system in the Houston, TX and Austin, TX areas. Contact us today to get more information about how we can help make power more accessible in your workplace without core drilling or trenching. General contractors, contact us today to see how Thread can be integrated into your projects to save money without disrupting your clients' work.

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