Put the “General” Back in “General Contracting”

A few years ago, I heard George W. Bush’s Chief of Staff Andrew Card speak.  The way he described his job responsibility really resonated with me. He mentioned, ”I didn't want him [Pres. Bush] worried about the details or small things. I wanted him focused so he could make big decisions. Not hungry, angry, or tired because I didn't want him to make a decision in that state of mind.”

This is a lesson for those of us in construction-related fields. If you're a general contractor, you have a big picture to manage. Getting into the weeds will wreck your productivity and your ability to produce a happy client.  You can’t get caught in the details, but how do you get the job done?

Hire competent subcontractors

When you hire competent subs who you can count on - subs you can trust to manage through the details - then you can stay focused on the big picture. As a former general contractor myself, it always baffled me why there wasn’t a subcontractor that could provide a turnkey solution for stick-built glass office fronts. It drove me crazy to hire three subs, align their contract scopes and ensure I had ordered enough product so a glass wall system came together. Then if something was slightly off, I had to figure out where the gap was.  I had bigger things to handle than that!  I’m sure you can relate, so why do we torture ourselves this way?

  • To save a few bucks? The amount of productivity you lose is undoubtedly more costly than dollars you save by being your own sub.
  • To have more Control? If you are looking for more control, it's likely you are hiring weak subs.
A Turnkey Solution

If you just “harrumphed,” you might like what I have to say next:  McCoy-Rockford is now a turnkey provider of all your glass-front needs, whether architectural, demountable or conventional!  We recently partnered with RACO, the industry leader of stick-built office fronts, to round out our ability to serve you on your next project.  What’s really cool is that RACO is owned by an extrusion manufacturer, so they are more flexible to work with. They have quicker turnarounds at lower price points than others in the industry. Additionally, when you choose McCoy-Rockford for glass office fronts, you have one point-of-contact and reduce your risk. This helps you focus on your project, and your client.

Double-Offset-Sliders.jpgThat’s just one example of how we can help general contractors stay “general.” Besides conventional glass-front offices (see more examples in the gallery below), we also provide the following:

  • Architectural and Demountable Walls
  • Low Profile and Raised Access Floors
  • Sound Masking
  • Modular Power, including Thread and Nextek Power Systems

Our Architectural Solutions team is uniquely qualified to manage these aspects of your project with exceptional results. We are former architects, interior designers, general contractors, carpenters and techs who joined together to deliver unique and progressive solutions.  Backed by the quality products of our manufacturing partners (including RACO, Steelcase, Adotta and Nextek), you can be confident the job will be done right. We look forward to your partnership, and helping to make your job easier.

If you'd like more information on RACO walls or any of our Architectural Services at McCoy-Rockford, click here or click on the button below.

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