How Your Workplace Performs: Real Estate Optimization

Workplace ISSUE #1: Real Estate Optimization

With the rising cost of real estate and volatility of today's economy, offices need to be flexible to grow and shrink accordingly. At the same time, workers need their workplace to help them remain productive. In order to accomplish this, many are reducing individual workstation space, but are also reconfiguring to include more team spaces, work cafés, meeting spaces and other alternative work-settings. The results can be more functional space that help people work most effectively.


Watch our video case study below to see how we helped Accenture with their Workplace 2.0 strategy. 
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This article contains information from Steelcase's paper on the Interconnected Workplace. You can read the entire research paper by clicking here or on the image below:


About the Workplace Performance series (see links to the whole series below):

Performance reviews are an expectation for today's workers. It's common for employees to meet with a supervisor and review pre-set goals, results and feedback regarding performance on at least an annual basis. This is good for keeping your people accountable, but there's another performer in your office that may be flying under the radar... your workplace. Do you know how well (or how poorly) your work environment is performing for you? Most managers wouldn't hire an employee without setting expectations for their performance, but very few set goals for their new workspace. The likely reason is they don't know what goals to set or how to measure them. Today, we're going to share one of these secrets with you below.


Based on research by Steelcase, the leading manufacturer of furniture for offices, hospitals, and classrooms, there are five common issues in the workplace that can be addressed by the design of your space. 

  1. Real Estate Optimization
  2. Enhancing Collaboration
  3. Attracting, Developing and Engaging Talent
  4. Building the Company Brand
  5. Improving Wellbeing

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