How Office Wellbeing Affects Performance

If you're a business leader or manager, you may be wondering, "What's the big deal about wellbeing?" As a leader, you probably want to help your employees be healthier and more fulfilled.

You also want to reduce your company's healthcare costs and the lost revenue associated with poor work environments. Don't foret the benefits of attracting and retaining talent through wellbeing initiatives. Tom Rath, author of Strengthfinders and his more recent book Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements, puts it best. 

“The most successful organizations are now turning their attention to employee wellbeing as a way to gain emotional, financial and competitive advantage.” - Tom Rath

Maybe you're convinced and want to incorporate wellbeing into your workplace. How do you do it?

Coalesse, a line of Steelcase offering modern office furniture solutions that combine comfort and function, gives 10 tips for bringing wellbeing into the workplace. Below are 3 tips. You can read the rest by downloading your PDF copy of the full article.

Tip #1 - Blur the lines.

Spaces that blur the boundaries between work and home create a comfortable environment, invite people to relax and think outside the box.

Tip #2 Loosen up.

For people to work comfortably feet don't always have to be on the floor. Relaxed postures can still support their productivity.

Tip # 3 Let it be.

Work can happen anywhere — a few minutes here, a few hours there. With many ways to get things done, the "right" way is to let people choose their own work destinations.

Read the other 7 tips in the article Work Well, Live Well: 10 Tips from Coalesse


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