Workplace Trends for 2016

Happy New Year!

We're excited about what 2016 will bring. Folks are talking about what will be going on in the workplace this year, so we thought we would share a few of their predictions so you can be prepared. Take a look at what's in store for 2016...



1. Pantone's Top Color Picks for Spring 2016

EcoBuilding Pulse recently noted that Pantone's fashion color selections for Spring 2016 will likely influence textiles, furnishings and interior design. Experts mention inspiration came from the contrast between urban elements and lush vegetation, as well as from southern destinations like Cuba. Now we know who to thank for the colorful palette we get to work with.

2. How Will the Workplace Change in the Coming Year?

This blog post from Metropolis Magazine tackles the expected design trends to hit the workplace in 2016. From glass walls to colored glass boards, you won't want to miss their predictions. 

3. 4 More Workplace Trends for 2016

Intuit Quickbase's blog The Fast Track gave their 4 predictions for workplace trends. They point to employees' needs for flexibility and the growing demand for remote work. Addressing these trends can help you attract and retain top talent in the coming year. Owners and managers should pay attention: they also mention new laws that may affect overtime pay for employees.

We hope this helps your business prepare for the year ahead. A lot of these workplace trends point to how businesses will need to optimize their real estate to account for the mobility of today's workforce. This is an issue we helped Accenture tackle in their Houston, TX office. See more about Accenture's Workplace 2.0 project, including a case study video discussing how we helped them optimize their real estate here.

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