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McCoy Rockford Counterpoint Series: Resimercial vs. Corporate Environment

Apr 1, 2019 8:42:06 AM

As the debate over office space environment continues, McCoy Rockford brings you both sides of the discussion. This month, we’re focusing on the argument for resimercial, or home-inspired, spaces. Read on for our team’s thoughts and don’t forget to check back in May for the counterpoint.

Contemporary Workspaces Highlight Aspects of Home to Increase Employee Comfort
The lines have never been more blurred between work and home. As employee needs and wants evolve, forward-thinking designs blend the best of residential and commercial furnishings to create a workspace that is comfortable and familiar, while being flexible and inspiring. The reality is that most people are putting in longer hours at work, so why not provide them a space they actually want to live and work in?

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A Word with the Houston Operations Team

Mar 6, 2019 9:26:49 AM

How many people make up the Houston operations team?
58 people

How do clients benefit from your experience?
Our team operates like a well-oiled machine. We have great teamwork and trust each other, which helps us work seamlessly. Because most team members have been in the business for a while, our knowledge and experience are vast which is an asset to our clients. Our team is also made up of a lot of tenured employees, which is important for building and investing in relationships with our clients. We’re familiar and clients will often ask for us by name.


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Top Annoying Workplace Habits Solved with Office Furniture, Flooring, Architectural Walls & Technology

Feb 8, 2019 3:35:23 PM

In a recent article, the top 12 most annoying workplace habits were listed from most to least irritating. While it was a pretty comprehensive list, nowhere in the article were solutions to these everyday workplace anguishes. As the McCoy-Rockford team read on, we couldn’t help but realize the commercial interior products we recommend to our clients would assuage these common annoyances. In fact, three of the most agreed upon annoyances – loud talking, interruptions and complaining – can all be solved by incorporating the right office furniture, flooring, architectural walls and technology. Read on for our solutions.

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3 Ways Inspiration from Home Can Improve Your Commercial Workspace

Jan 15, 2019 2:44:38 PM

While work somehow always finds its way home with us, a recent trend has made it possible for home to come to work. With the lines between home and work becoming more blurred, resimercial design blends the best of residential and commercial furnishings to create workspaces that are comfortable and familiar, while still being engaging.

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Introducing SILQ: An Innovative Seating Design from Steelcase

Feb 1, 2018 6:09:32 PM

Yesterday in New York, Steelcase revealed their revolutionary new seating design, SILQ. Using a pioneering development in materials science and a patent-pending process, Steelcase’s team of material scientists, designers, and engineers have created a truly unique product.

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